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Michael Casey: Disagreeing should not be a crime

Imagine a world which repudiates a common human nature and where ‘enemies’ are not spared Think about what happens when we become enemies with someone....

Hayden Ramsay: Art in motion

Dance, as an artform, tells us something about grace and unlocks a kind of joy we can experience no other way, writes Hayden Ramsay
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George Weigel: Who invented the individual?

A common misconception holds that early “modernity” invented the “individual”: the idea that everyone is a someone with a unique identity independent of family, tribe, racial group, or nation. And from that idea of individuality, it’s argued, came the most distinctive civilisational accomplishments of the West.
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ACU to host free online philosophy lecture series

Series looks at development of the concept of self Australian Catholic University (ACU) will hold a public webinar series on the idea of the self...

Course tackles the big questions

Natasha Marsh and David Schütz realised that they shared a passion to re-animate Catholic adult education.

Avant-Garde Exam in Liberal Arts for NSW Catholic Schools

Studies in Catholic Thought engages students in the theological, philosophical, ethical and aesthetic traditions of the Catholic Church

Campion Professor: Eradication of Humanities ‘at our peril’

 to achieve a peaceful, just democracy, the virtues must be upheld and protected

Catholics pay tribute to Sir Roger Scruton

Described as a "towering intellect" the British philosopher and author was a defender of Catholic culture.

Academic warns of fake news threat

People are becoming unable to tell the difference between truth and lies, says Australian academic.
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Palliative care experts welcome NSW funding boost

Palliative care experts have welcomed the state government’s plans to boost the sector with an additional $743 million in funding over the next five...