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Dignitas Infinita: A guide to human dignity for lay readers

The Vatican’s latest document Dignitas Infinita, on human dignity, is short, readable, orthodox, clear and satisfying. It’s about human dignity being God-given, vocationally-oriented, freedom-infused, and unconditional. And it shows how theologically conservative the Holy Father is, writes Philippa Martyr

It’s never wrong to believe in God’s mercy, or to hope...

You should always believe in the mercy of God. There’s also nothing wrong with hoping for it and appealing to it as often as you like. It shows that you trust in him. We should also believe in God’s justice. But thankfully, God’s justice is not our justice, writes Philippa Martyr

Philippa Martyr: Time isn’t ordinary if you spend it with God

It’s now our first bit of Ordinary Time—the little patch of green between the joy of Christmas (ahh) and the joy of Lent (yikes).

Philippa Martyr: Do Catholic youth really want to change the church?

I’m continuing to explore a group of around 700 young Australian Catholics who go to Mass. They are divided into two groups – the weekly massgoers, or “weeklies”, and the less regular massgoers, or “irregulars.”

Two classes: professional Catholic activists and ordinary Catholic women

It looks like the Plenary Council motions on women in the Church all failed to make the required two-thirds majority to pass on Tuesday...

Philippa Martyr: All in the name of governance

The Plenary Council delegates and writers have shown a touching faith in the power of corporate governance to save the Church in Australia. They...

Philippa Martyr: Projecting sin onto others is not what conversion is

So how else can we be different from the world? How can we bring it salt and light, instead of blending into the secular...

Plenary voices: Philippa Martyr

My theologian chum Dr Larry Chapp has recently been blogging on Vatican II. What he’s saying rings bells for the Plenary Council. Larry points out...

Let’s celebrate the Mass the way Vatican II wanted

We owe it to the Novus Ordo to celebrate it the way Vatican II really intended. Dominus vobiscum!

Philippa Martyr: What only priests can do

The laity can do pretty much any job in the Church. But only presbyters can make Jesus really present I wanted to follow up on...

Philippa Martyr: Putting trust in a limited oil supply can’t ever...

So far, the Instrumentum Laboris has shown us what the Church in Australia is like now, and an image of what it could be....

Philippa Martyr: Breaking down Plenary voices

I keep being told that over 220,000 people participated in the Plenary Council process. It’s impressive but let’s break down those figures. The Final Report...
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