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WHO is really developing guidelines for transgender health?

One of the subtle tricks used for parliamentary inquiries on contentious issues is to hold public consultations over December and January.

Monica Doumit: Absence that speaks volumes

With a Labor minority government in NSW, our eyes now turn to the NSW Legislative Council to make some predictions about what the next four years will look like. With counting largely finished, we can reasonably predict what the council’s composition will be.

Fr Frank Brennan SJ: How to vote on the Voice

What are Catholics to think about the proposed referendum on the Voice to Parliament? During the first year of his pontificate, Pope Francis in...

As Britain says No to assisted suicide, NSW campaigners urge caution

A landmark decision in Britain's House of Lords has big ramifications for the campaign to legalise the killing of patients in NSW

Expansion of euthanasia: it’s inevitable

Evidence already in Australia and overseas shows that once assisted suicide and euthanasia is legalised, bracket creep follows, warns Dr Bernadette Tobin.

Nick Goiran: Elephant in the euthanasia room

Politicians tell people what they want to hear. In contrast, parliamentarians consider what is in the best interests of the people they represent. As the...

Medics oppose Euthanasia laws

A group of leading palliative care specialists in Western Australia have promised to not kill their patients even if assisted dying laws are passed...
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