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Simcha Fisher: Habits we’ll keep after Covid time

Everyone in the world is at different stages of the pandemic, so it’s hard to tell if it’s the right time for this essay or not. But from where I stand, things are . . . maybe sort of kind of wrapping up? No one ever promised the vaccine was magic or that we’re guaranteed […]

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Peter Rosengren: Look for COVID’s silver linings

Grasp the opportunities amid the boredom We are being sifted. The long and seemingly endless grey days of enforced monotonous routine we are all forced...

Simcha Fisher: Recovering from harm caused by the pandemic

You don't have to have COVID to suffer from it With half our family fully vaccinated and the other half getting there as soon as...

Church must help counter resistance to vaccines, health care expert 

Vatican launches new resource kit for leaders, families.

The Church offers ‘essential services’ says Vatican official

For believers, faith practice is "the highest of essential services," the Vatican foreign minister said.

Simcha Fisher: 10 ways to let the pandemic shape your Lent

Didn't we just have Lent? Aren't we going through it still? It comes as a shock every year when I look at the calendar and...

Archbishop Fisher lifts dispensation as restrictions ease

Changes across greater Sydney bring relief to parishes in time for the beginning of Lent.

Daniel Ang: Opportunities amid the crisis

Pandemic hit the Church but also spurred new initiatives More than one year since the global pandemic took hold it is clear that the disruption...

Come home to Mass says Archbishop Fisher

In his latest pastoral letter Archbishop Fisher OP lifts pandemic dispensation from Sunday Mass.

Victorian Catholics want churches open

A grassroots petition requesting equal treatment for churches has reached the Victorian parliament.

Your Life, Your Way: Self help for teens

For your chance to WIN a digital copy of Your Life, Your Way by Joseph Ciarrochi send your name, email and postal address to...

Clarification on last rites in Melbourne

Victorian Premier apologises for "impossible" restrictions advice banning end-of-life sacraments.
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