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Father and son make Catholic Church history

This spring Deacon Tom Hosty and his son Liam made history, becoming the first father and son to both be deacons at the same time in the 190-year history of the Catholic Church in central and southern Indiana.

Anthony Cleary: Anniversaries matter, so let’s celebrate!

Anniversaries are a wonderful thing and a cause for great celebration. We celebrate them for years of marriage, vocation and work.

Two brothers become fathers: Frs Željko Evetović and Ronny D’Cruz ordained...

St Mary's Cathedral was uplifted by rousing guitar ballads and lots of joy for the ordination of two missionary priests of the Neocatechumenal Way

Philippa Martyr: The stats tell the story on priestly ordinations

Did you know that we’ve ordained nearly 1500 priests in Australia in the last 50 years? I didn’t know this until I got an email from Jamie Wright, a journalist at The Australian.

Monica Doumit: New priests a gift from the Lord

  If I am being honest, the saddest thing for me about the Plenary Council was the way it appeared in parts to be apologetic...

Brothers in arms from formation to ordination

Next Saturday, five Sydney men will be ordained as diocesan priests at St Mary’s Cathedral. Find out who they are and what led them to their vocation.

Monica Doumit: Darkest hour is when you keep going

I usually try to step out of character and write something joyful and hopeful in my column for the Christmas edition of the Catholic Weekly; something that befits this most wonderful season.

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Six men called to serve

Newly ordained deacons come from diverse backgrounds Six men from the Archdiocese of Sydney’s Seminary of the Good Shepherd have been made deacons in a...

Neocatechumenal Way gives two new priests to Sydney

Anderson Gallego and Rafael Silva were ordained by Archbishop Fisher in a service filled with the Neocatechumenal Way's joyful spirit.

Two more priests ordained for Sydney

A photo gallery of the ordinations to the priesthood of Anderson Rodas and Rafael Galicias.

No 9-to-5 priesthood for deacons

It will be a case of third time lucky for deacons Anderson Rodas and Rafael Galicia. Cancelled twice due to lockdown, the men will finally be ordained to the priesthood by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP at St Mary’s Cathedral next weekend.

Despite family and friends being unable to attend due to travel restrictions, the young men who arrived in Australia as strangers 10 years ago, will be ordained together on Friday night as brothers.

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A call too strong to ignore

Catholic parishes across the Archdiocese of Sydney will welcome four new priests when they are ordained at St Mary’s Cathedral next Saturday by the...
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