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Julie Macken: As a white Australian, I never lacked a Voice....

Julie Macken: My vote for Yes comes from the love I have been shown by family, my own ancestors and this beautiful old country

Dan Andrews leaves behind an anti-life, anti-faith, anti-Catholic legacy

Please God, his successor will not be so openly hostile to human life, marriage and family and to the Christian faith, Monica Doumit writes

Dr Philippa Martyr: Catholic youth are the true heirs of Vatican...

Young Catholics are excited about the future of the church in Australia, and they should be. It’s theirs for the taking.

George Weigel: Just war, just peace, and war in Ukraine

Carl von Clausewitz, the 19th century theorists masterpiece, On War, still studied today, is not typically regarded as an intellectual resource.

Melto D’ Moronoyo: Reflections on the Maronite jubilee year

As we recognise 50 years of the Maronite eparchy, it is a time to reflect on its purpose, achievements, shortcomings and future direction.

Simcha Fisher: When complaints about World Youth Day veer into irreverence

According to tradition, World Youth Day is being largely ignored by the secular press and is being marked with nonstop complaining by Catholic social...

Fr John Flader: What is synodality?

What is synodality? The word “synod”, or synodos in Greek, is an ancient word in the tradition of the church.

George Weigel: From Westerplatte to Lisbon…and everywhere else

"Get up, dust yourself off, seek reconciliation and penance. But never, ever lower the bar of expectation. Christ is with you, and he will never forsake you. Don’t forsake him.”

Dr Philippa Martyr: Massgoing Catholic women are not a radical voting...

In the recent Plenary Council, one group of female voices dominated. But my recent survey data shows the bigger picture about Catholic women

Fr John Flader: Where was Emmaus?

At present the location of the Emmaus of Luke's Gospel remains a matter of conjecture, although some sites are more probable than others.

Dallas McInerney: We came for Sinead O’Connor’s voice, but stayed for...

Sinead, a cosmic force, was easily the most significant Irishwoman of our time, a genius whose output was shaped by trauma and wonder

Simcha Fisher: The church’s all-male clergy is for the love of...

Priests can be all kinds of men. I’ve often thought that this is surely one of the ways you can tell the Catholic Church is truly the one true, universal church
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