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Glorious Resurrection reveals our love for Christ

After the Passion, the disciples had fallen back into their own lives with heavy hearts. But when Christ appeared to them and charged St Peter to “feed my sheep,” he revealed something about the nature of love, writes David El-Hachem.

For Christians, there is no “point of no return”

I have read and taught Shakespeare’s Macbeth many times. This tragic reflection on human nature remains ever-relevant, especially for those of us who are so stuck in destructive cycles that we feel we cannot ever recover, writes Anthony Cleary

The Beauty of Priesthood: Embracing God’s Calling

It’s been a few decades since I was ordained, and it’s sometimes hard work, but summoning the whole of creation to prayer every morning never gets old. I don’t know why other priests don’t love their jobs as much as I do, asks Philippa Martyr.

Restored order of sacraments and family catechesis: a combination that works

My nine-year-old was recently confirmed, the first in our family who has received both the “restored order of sacraments” and whole-family faith formation. As a way of emphasising that faith is a matter for our whole lives, it has serious strengths, writes Simcha Fisher.

It’s never wrong to believe in God’s mercy, or to hope...

You should always believe in the mercy of God. There’s also nothing wrong with hoping for it and appealing to it as often as you like. It shows that you trust in him. We should also believe in God’s justice. But thankfully, God’s justice is not our justice, writes Philippa Martyr

Monica Doumit: Greenwich bill proves nothing’s more certain than an inquiry...

“Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” So goes Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote. With respect, there’s a third certainty: a parliamentary inquiry each Christmas and Easter. This time, it’s an inquiry into the so-called “equality” bill tabled by the Independent Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich.

George Weigel: Many have tried and failed to ‘de-Judaise’ Jesus

Lent is a good time to reflect on the indisputable fact that Jesus of Nazareth, whom we believe to be the incarnate Son of God, was a son of the Jewish people.

The temple Jesus purifies is the human heart

We all know the story of Jesus making a whip of cords and knocking over the money changers’ tables in the temple. People do love this passage, and generally imagine themselves as Jesus, wrecking the place when sinners aren’t acting right.

Evidence for the pope’s infallibility in history

I know that the church defined the infallibility of the pope in the First Vatican Council, but I would like to ask whether there is any evidence before that the church and the pope believed they were infallible.

The good news is that the bad news isn’t all the...

Let’s try a different kind of Lenten fast before Easter, and celebrate the many signs of growth in the church instead of doom-mongering, writes George Weigel

Simcha Fisher: The Incarnation of Christ remains as scandalous as ever

When non-Catholics are scandalised by our God, church and sacraments, it’s a sign our faith still has spiritual power, Simcha Fisher writes

Two lives that reveal the face of courage

Both Blessed Stanley Rother and Russian dissident Alexei Navalny exemplified the cardinal virtue of courage, which is also a gift of the Holy Spirit. Only one is officially a martyr, but that might change, writes George Weigel
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