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Brigid Meney: Euthanasia vs the Good Samaritan

Voluntary Assisted Dying Laws commence operation on 28 November, making interventions designed to end a life, legal in New South Wales.

Anti-discrimination laws welcomed

Faith leaders have welcomed proposed changes to New South Wales’ anti-discrimination laws to outlaw vilification on religious grounds, as part of the work to be done to address religious freedom in the state.

Monica Doumit: Winter is coming for religious freedom in NSW

The frigid start to winter in NSW has exacerbated our cost-of-living crisis. Rental prices are skyrocketing, as are power bills and the cost of groceries. $1.60 per litre for petrol now seems like a bargain.

Victoria-style ‘conversion ban’ for NSW: Labor

NSW Opposition Leader Chris Minns has pledged to put an end to LGBT conversion practices if he wins the next election, but Christian policy...

Parental rights backed

NSW Legislative Council committee report backs parental rights in draft Latham gender legislation. Parents will have a legal right to withdraw their children from classes...
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