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Irish voters resoundingly reject proposals to redefine family, undermine motherhood

Despite opinion polls showing a clear majority in favour of widening the definition of the family to include other "durable relationships" 67.7 per cent of citizens voted no

The church and the world need women’s contributions, pope says

The Catholic Church and the world itself need the gifts and contributions of women, especially in bringing people together and overcoming tensions and violence, Pope Francis wrote.

Contemplative moments of motherhood

Like many mums this Sunday I will be lucky enough to have a big fancy breakfast delivered to me in bed, made lovingly and laboriously by my kids (with help from their dad). And after all that hard and hungry work, at least one of them is likely to wriggle carefully under the quilt so as not to spill my coffee and kindly point out that surely it’s too much to eat all by myself—and would I like a little help?

Monica Doumit: I’m a girl boss, not a spiritual mother

“Happy Aunties’ Day.” “Happy Godmothers’ Day.” “Happy Spiritual Mothers’ Day.” Over the years, I’ve received each of these greetings and variations to them on the second Sunday of May, the day we traditionally celebrate Mothers’ Day.

The gift of Motherhood

It’s no mistake that the modern celebration of Mothers’ Day occurs in May – the month of Mary. Our heavenly mother is the model of motherhood from whom all – men and women alike - take inspiration.

Retreat for beloved women

The first Beloved Retreat for the Catholic Women’s Network brought together more than 100 women from across greater Sydney and even interstate to spend...

Like a woman without her child

In Chinese, the word “good” (hǎo) tells us about our human values. Many know the word “hǎo” from the Chinese greeting “nǐ hǎo,” which...

Monica Doumit: What the Plenary won’t discuss

In my two-minute intervention for the First Assembly of the Plenary Council, I said: “To prepare this intervention, I asked members of the Maronite Women’s...

One very special Mum

Little Inara Hijniakoff spent the first two months of her life in hospital with parents Chloe and Johnathon with her 24 hours a day. And...

The lies they tell our girls

We hear a lot about gender bias these days. But the ultimate bias is the message that women can't be women, writes Monica Doumit

Society loses when ‘dogs and cats take the place of children’:...

Denial of fatherhood and motherhood "diminishes us" By Courtney Mares Pope Francis said on Wednesday that it is a civilisational loss when dogs and cats replace...

Plenary voices: Renee Kohler-Ryan

It is the morning of Day Four of the fifth plenary Council of Australia. Conscious that this is a deeply significant moment in the...
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