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The body language of death: NSW’s euthanasia vote

Conscience votes are described as those of “moral or social significance” that “generally reflect morally and socially divisive issues of the time”. When members...

Monica Doumit: The silence of the wokes

Katherine Deves is now Australia's most famous bigot for her Tweets about gender. But when will Labor come clean about its own Twitter bigots?

Monica Doumit: the wonder of being there

After four decades on Earth, Monica Doumit gets inspired by Jordan Peterson and shares her own 'twelve rules for life'

Monica Doumit: Go, be shriven. We all need it

I never thought the Academy Awards – a ceremony that traded its relevance for quota systems some time ago – would ever capture people’s imagination and interest again, but it returned to the headlines and dinner table conversation this year.

The lies they tell our girls

We hear a lot about gender bias these days. But the ultimate bias is the message that women can't be women, writes Monica Doumit

Monica Doumit: An ever pastoral shepherd

Earlier this week I was invited to join Father Frank Brennan SJ and Gerard Henderson at the Sydney Institute to discuss the upcoming two-year anniversary of Cardinal George Pell’s unanimous acquittal by the High Court in Australia.

Vinnies’ empty federal box

My parents have been volunteers for the St Vincent de Paul Society for as long as I can remember. They help organise the parish “giving tree” each Christmas ...

Monica Doumit: Darkest hour is when you keep going

I usually try to step out of character and write something joyful and hopeful in my column for the Christmas edition of the Catholic Weekly; something that befits this most wonderful season.
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Monica Doumit: We don’t yet have freedom for faith

Opponents to religious freedom are predictably rending their garments over the federal Religious Discrimination Bill, tabled in Parliament this week by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Monica Doumit: Why the scramble to push a law that will...

Inquiry into death bill 'politicking'? Give me a break On Tuesday of last week, the NSW Legislative Council voted to send Alex Greenwich’s deadly bill...
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Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: Statement on the need to protect faith...

A statement from the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Most Rev. Anthony Fisher OP For the past two years society has been stopped in time. We...

PM pushed 3-parent IVF