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Monica Doumit: Greenwich bill proves nothing’s more certain than an inquiry...

“Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” So goes Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote. With respect, there’s a third certainty: a parliamentary inquiry each Christmas and Easter. This time, it’s an inquiry into the so-called “equality” bill tabled by the Independent Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich.

Law reform recommendations on religious schools lack common sense

The Australian Law Reform Commission’s inquiry on religious schools, the first commissioned by Labor, has offered the conclusions Labor sought—hence the prime minister’s desire to shut down further discussion. But the ALRC’s recommendations don’t pass a common sense test, writes Monica Doumit

Why won’t the AMA follow the evidence on gender-affirming care?

The AMA does itself a disservice by ignoring the growing body of evidence that gender-affirming care has no therapeutic benefit, writes Monica Doumit

Trying to fix a mess can make it worse. Just ask...

My carpet was eventually an easy fix, but some of the messes of the past year are not as trivial as coffee on carpet.

Small gifts bring my favourite people together with our favourite things

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, goes the carol. I am inclined to agree. I love Christmas, the days leading up to it.

In 2023, the passing of Pope Benedict XVI was only the...

This has been a massive year, hasn’t it? Pope Benedict XVI had entered eternal life and we lost our dear Cardinal George Pell.

Monica Doumit: The future of Christian advocacy is bright, if you...

Often in this column, I offer an apocalyptic vision of the years and decades ahead. In the decade or I have been writing for the Catholic Weekly, I don’t think I’ve ever been accused of wearing rose-coloured glasses.

Monica Doumit: World Youth Day brings the church’s future leaders together

WYD Sydney 2008 prepared our archdiocese for the future by introducing friends and future leaders to one another, writes Monica Doumit

Monica Doumit: Big W boycott of explicit book for kids is...

Parents should inquire whether their school stocks the book, and perhaps ask for an audit of other books that might have gone under the radar

Monica Doumit: Five years after the Royal Commission, govt schools come...

Along with an estimated 60 million others around the world, I was an avid listener of The Australian’s Teacher’s Pet podcast a serial that led to the conviction of former rugby league player and high school teacher, Christopher Dawson, for the murder of his first wife, Lynette.

Monica Doumit: Winter is coming for religious freedom in NSW

The frigid start to winter in NSW has exacerbated our cost-of-living crisis. Rental prices are skyrocketing, as are power bills and the cost of groceries. $1.60 per litre for petrol now seems like a bargain.

Monica Doumit: Has gender ideology’s turning point been reached at last?

The UK’s National Health Service closure of the Tavistock Clinic and the exclusion of puberty blockers in future clinics is a hopeful sign for...
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