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Money and ministry: Are we serving the right master?

In every case, money matters caused pain and misery in the parish community. It’s hugely sad. But that’s what can happen, because money brings out the best and worst in us, says Philippa Martyr.

Should Catholics reconsider their financial habits?

There’s nothing shameful in talking about how Catholics use their money, and there’s good biblical precedents for it, says Dr Philippa Martyr.

Michael Walker: In business, bigger does not mean better

The PwC scandal, in which one of the world’s top consulting firms misused Australian government information to help multinationals avoid tax, has been in the news in recent months. What does it reveal about the state of governance in Australia, from the perspective of faith and the social doctrine of the church?

Teaching kids how to handle money

Money tends to stir up strong emotions among us, but teaching kids how to handle money is an essential task for every parent! How...

The subsidised vacation to end life

In the aftermath of the United States Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade which returned the issue of abortion from the federal level...
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