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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Mobile phones to be banned under new Sydney Catholic Schools policy

A long-awaited policy about the use of digital devices was released this week following 12 months of research and consultation with SCS leaders from all 147 primary and secondary schools

Small Screen Faith. Prayer apps galore.

In the digital world, smartphone users can find apps for just about any purpose: banking, news and information, entertainment, travel, finding a job, self-improvement and, of course, prayer.

Please don’t tell my parents

I've written many times about the importance of letting your child know that you are happy to be part of a plan if something should...

Addressing parent’s No 1 fear

Sydney parents have the opportunity to enrol their children in a world-first study looking at the amount of time young people spend on screens...

Sending the right message

Something big is happening to our kids In a 2018 survey half of the parents questioned believed that smart phone usage negatively affected their child’s...

Dialling up a policy on mobiles

One of the biggest dilemmas for parents and educators today is how to encourage young people to spend less time on their devices and...

My love/hate relationship with my daughter’s phone

By Corrie Sebire I was pretty proud (perhaps a little smug) that we made it almost to the end of Year 7 without giving our...
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