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Mercy and faithfulness on the shores of Tiberias

It is wonderful how the Church reminds us constantly of the mercy of God in the beautiful, diverse liturgies of our Catholic faith, says Joseph Boulos.

Melto D’Moronoyo: Freely we receive, freely we give

This “Sunday of the Leper” recounts the merciful healing of a man who was unclean, and forced to live alone, outside the city walls. It’s hard for us today to understand what this meant in ancient Israel.

Melto D’Moronoyo: No matter the sin, you matter to God

We just have to accept that God does not see things the same way we do. The Scriptures constantly show that God loves the repentant sinner.

Beginning the works of light

By Dr Biju Jose OSH Light is a very important metaphor in the Bible. It is among the first things created by God (Gen 1:3-4)....

Pope calls all Catholics to be missionaries

Like the disciples, all Christians must share the Gospel with others, said Pope Francis on Sunday.

Pope’s Lent message focus on conversion, Satan’s lies

By Hannah Brockhaus There is an urgent need for personal conversion, without which the temptations of Satan, and the presence of evil, create a “hell here...
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