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Friday, July 26, 2024
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Atheism is the greatest destroyer of authentic masculinity

There is no worse message for a man to receive than the lie that his life is meaningless and his personhood is of no account. Yet that is all atheism has to offer a man. Christ’s offer is not just true, but is also good. Only God tells us that it is always good for men to be men, writes Fr Joshua Miechels

The love of a father

In Raising Fathers, I was privileged to share the story of my paternal grandfather Lian Kooi and of my father Keong Heng Ang, both...

Paul Catalanotto: An age in need of, well, chivalry

It’s hard to say the word “chivalry” without conjuring up images of knights in shining armour. It’s an idea that many would say seems...

Open invitation: St Joseph and the Masculine Genius.

Catholic men, as well as those interested in the Catholic faith, are invited to gather for food, fellowship and faith once again on Saturday...

Take up your vocation, Bishop urges men

“To be honest, the faith lives and experiences of lay men in the Church are not often a focus."

Dr John Whitehall: Time of the ‘Inclusion officers’

In the dark of night, forces promoting the rainbow ideology of gender fluidity have launched an historic offensive against the determinism of the chromosome,...

A place for young men to hear the still, small voice...

A hundred and eighty three years to the day after the first Catholic priest was ordained in Australia, a house of vocational discernment named...

A real issue for our Church: promoting the vocation of Marriage

Someone buy Anna Hitchings a drink. She showed no small degree of courage penning last week’s reflection (Catholic Weekly, 5 May, pages 14-15) on...

For want of a lot of good men

We are living in a unique time in history. Never has politics been so polarised, never has mainstream society come so near to amorality...

Rediscovering the masculine genius

The Church desperately needs to rediscover the gifts of the “masculine genius” in order to be a “healthy and growing” Church, according to Fr Paul Chandler.

Choosing the kind of man you want your boy to be

Next Edition: Choosing the kind of woman you want your daughter to be It's great to be invited to write for the Catholic Schools of...

New course answers what men want

A special program introducing men to the Theology of the Body will be run in Sydney next month.
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