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Melto D’ Moronoyo: Reflections on the Maronite jubilee year

As we recognise 50 years of the Maronite eparchy, it is a time to reflect on its purpose, achievements, shortcomings and future direction.

Melto D’ Moronoyo: Christ’s disciples are not promised sunshine and rainbows

There is something about an early morning Maronite Liturgy during the week that makes sense. By all means, it shouldn’t be that way.

Melto D’ Moronoyo: The Cardinal who loved Lebanon

Cardinal loved Lebanon The more we shed light on the life and achievements of his Eminence George Cardinal Pell the more we realise that he...

Melto D’Moronoyo: Modern disciples in a broken world

Youth ministry can be challenging work but also deeply rewarding - and always fruitful To serve is the greatest calling, and youth ministry has given...

Melto D’Moronyo: A budding Maronite saint

By Dr Margaret Ghosn mshf Elias Boutros Howayek, born 4 December 1843 in Helta, North Lebanon, went on to become a priest (1870-1899), bishop (1889-1899)...

Melto D’Moronoyo: Mary, Mother of the Church

During the month of May, the Month of Mary, one of my roles as a Deacon is to visit the homes of the faithful, accompanying a statue of the Blessed Mother. After a hymn welcoming Mary into each home, we gather around the statue, pray the Rosary and sing a Marian hymn after each decade.
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