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New study says 69 per cent of Massgoers believe in Real...

A new study suggests that Catholic belief in the Real Presence may be higher than previous data indicated — but measuring that belief accurately remains a tricky task for researchers.

Mark Wahlberg talks faith with Sydney priest Fr Lewi Barakat

Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg has again urged his 30 million Instagram followers to "stay prayed up", this time surprising Sydney Catholics by appearing alongside a local priest.

Prayers rise for peace in Holy Land as conflict worsens

Sydney’s Catholics answered Pope Francis’s call for a special day of fasting and prayer for peace on 27 October as death and destruction continued to rage in the Holy Land.

Philippa Martyr: Young Catholics want Mass to be Mass. That’s OK

University of Notre Dame academic Stephen Bullivant and Philippa Martyr asked just over 700 younger Catholics under 40 across Australia why they attend Mass every Sunday.

The wine which prefigures an eternal and heavenly banquet

Some years ago a mind I revere, Fr Herbert McCabe, spoke about why we couldn’t consecrate burgers and Coca-Cola at mass. One good answer...

The first Mass on land in Australia? It’s a mystery

The first Mass recorded in Australian history is the public one celebrated on 22 May 22 1803 by the convict priest Fr James Dixon,...

Dr Philippa Martyr – Mass: it’s about God, not emotions

Pope Francis wrote an exhortation on the liturgy, Desidero Desideravi, earlier this year. I’d like to unpack just one element of it - the...

Philippa Martyr: Set priorities, and all else follows

If we’re really serious our focus is the reality of Jesus and His love - and what it means for us in daily life I...

How to Succeed at Mass with Kids

By Mike and Alicia Hernon Mass with kids. The idea might make you cringe with anxiety at the thought of the annoyed looks, judgy comments...

Young dominate faith

Young adults between the ages of 18-34 attend Church services in Australia at a significantly higher rate than their parents or grandparents, according to...

Fr Flader Q@A: The Mass, the sacrifice of Jesus

Dear Father, we sometimes hear the expression “the sacrifice of the Mass.” Why do we call the Mass a sacrifice and has it always...

Fr John Flader: The hymn of the three young men

Dear Father, I have a friend who suggests reciting the hymn of the three young men for thanksgiving after Mass. I hadn’t heard of it before but am now saying it and I find it helpful. What is the background to this prayer?

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