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Mark Shea: Get the shot, wear the mask

The controversies of other cultures often look weird and dumb to those who live in another time and place. So, for instance, when we read...

New Greater Sydney rules: masks at Mass and congregations of 100

Premier Berejiklian defended her decision on the go-ahead for the New Year's Test as necessary to preserve jobs and keep public morale high

Simcha Fisher: Dying with an aughh!

The editor of this publication has asked me to write a short essay about how things are going here in the United States with...

Mask up in church advice for NSW

NSW Government advises mask wearing including in places of worship as another Sydney church is closed.
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Out of India: the Dukhrana of St Thomas

The memorial feast of St Thomas the Apostle on 3 July does not get a mention in the Ordo this year, because it falls...