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Attached, for better or worse

Incorporating insights from neuroplasticity, genetics and parental nurturing experiences, Attachment Theory illuminates underlying causes of disruptive relationship behaviours in marriage.

Francine and Byron Pirola: Are we outliving marriage?

There are many common factors leading to divorce, the fact we are living longer isn’t one of them. Here’s why.

Bluey’s Aussie values prove a hit at home and away

Bluey’s uplifting take on family life has made it a global smash hit since its 2018 launch. Catholic parents say the show’s pro-family message and refreshingly positive take on fatherhood makes it great viewing—despite a few minor reservations…

Are private wedding vows a good idea, or not?

A new trend for “private vows” at weddings is taking off for people wanting a more intimate ceremony. Understanding why we make vows can help us understand why they’re not necessarily the way to go for Catholics, write Francine and Byron Pirola

The passion, death, and resurrection of marriage

No marriage stays the same—we all go through periods of passion, death, resurrection and recreation. It’s not easy, but there are three things we can do to stay on track as our marriages transform, write Francine and Byron Pirola.

Relationship repair always has two sides

Periods of disconnection are an unfortunate part of every marriage. Relationship Repair takes both an initiator and receiver.

Francine and Byron Pirola: Stonewalling is a silent killer in marriage

Stonewalling – aka ‘the silent treatment’ – is common in many marriages. Never helpful and poorly understood, we ignore it at our risk.  

Monica Doumit: In 50 years, marriage culture has all but disappeared...

If a marriage culture disappears from Australia in the next couple of generations, we will be relying on the witness of the lives of people like my parents to proclaim the goodness and the importance of marriage, says Monica Doumit.

Repairing the damage of defensiveness

Byron recently shared a new idea with Francine. Instead of encouragement, Francine responded with, “When will you get time to do that?!”

Francine and Byron Pirola: True confessions of an Advent failure

Advent is full of opportunities for spiritual nourishment. There’s community celebrations, family gatherings and beautiful church services.

Catholic dating needs discernment, not desperation

“Desperation.” That’s the word a wise church elder recently used, in describing the attitude of some youth towards marriage.

Sebastian Condon: As a newlywed, I’ve discovered marriage is a ‘triumphant...

My wife and I were married in early October this year. This naturally meant that every conversation we’ve had with anyone over the previous...
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