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Bishop Antoine Tarabay: The first Easter in Jerusalem.

The Feast of Easter is the one celebration where the Holy and Apostolic Catholic Church announces, in the voice of her sons and daughters, that Christ rose from the dead, that He truly rose.

Melto D’Moronoyo: Jesus in the Great Lent

According to the Maronite Antiochian Liturgy In the Maronite Church, the Season of Great Lent marks the period of preparation for the Feast of Feasts,...

Love in the lockdown

During the lockdown charities such as Maronites on Mission Australia continue reaching out to Sydney’s rough sleepers and others needing a little help to get by.
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Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: Statement on the need to protect faith...

A statement from the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Most Rev. Anthony Fisher OP For the past two years society has been stopped in time. We...

PM pushed 3-parent IVF