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Fr Flader: Who are the Maronite Catholics?

Maronite Catholics take their name from St Maroun, a holy hermit who lived near Antioch, in Syria, and died in 410AD. Fiercely loyal to Our Lady and the Holy See, theirs is the only Eastern rite which has always been part of the Catholic church.

Thousands of Maronites welcome relics to new Australian home

In an historic witness to faith, thousands of Maronite Catholics have flocked to St Charbel’s Monastery and Parish in a grand procession to welcome the saint’s relics to their new home in Sydney.

Suffering for Christ’s Cross is a responsibility – and a privilege...

The Feast of the Holy Cross is celebrated on 14 September each year. It was established to commemorate how, in 628, the Emperor Heraclius...

Abdallah and Sakr families launch ‘National Day of Forgiveness’ – i4Give...

i4Give Day, therefore, not only commemorates the children but intends to raise awareness of the power forgiveness in healing emotional trauma in the each of our lives

MasterChef’s recipe for success

With his hands tightly wrapped around a huge wooden cross, Simon Takchi said it was his faith that gave him the strength to endure...

Maronites look to the future

The Maronite Church in Australia is about to enter a new phase of building up their tradition in this country.
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