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Sebastian Condon: As a newlywed, I’ve discovered marriage is a ‘triumphant...

My wife and I were married in early October this year. This naturally meant that every conversation we’ve had with anyone over the previous...

Monica Doumit: Here I am, Lord! Now, do I need a...

A few weeks ago, the Catholic Weekly published a story about Dan Schutte and the writing of Here I Am, Lord. Judging by the...

Approaching those hard conversations with love

“Honey, we need to talk!” Every spouse knows that what follows will be an uncomfortable conversation—one that will likely be bruising if not outright hurtful.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: True love and friendship

This is the edited text of the Catechesis given by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP on ‘Social Friendship’ at World Youth Day 2023 Lisbon, on...

Marital arguments are our protest against disconnection

Arguments mean different things in different circumstances. An argument is defined as a work of persuasion. We use arguments to convince others of our point of view.

Couple saints’ path to God through love

Many married couples think that their sexual intimacy is completely separate from their spiritual life. In fact, it is not uncommon to hear couples talk as though these two aspects of their lives are in opposition to each other—that their lovemaking is “permitted” but somehow compromises their path to holiness.

Melto D’Moronoyo: Love unites and perfects everything in us

Goodness, truth, and beauty are joined to our souls through the uniting power of love: that is its fruit. Love is a divine impulse. It comes from God in its perfect form, and as it reaches us, draws us higher, uniting us to all which is united with God (and so frees us from all which is separated from him).

Embracing Love: The Ultimate Lenten Practice

All ‘good’ practising Catholics know that the season of Lent is a time for reflection, sacrifice, and spiritual growth. However, for secular and non-practicing Catholic families,  the traditional practice of giving something up for Lent simply isn’t appealing.

Simcha Fisher: Lessons about love from the Great British Bake Off

My husband and I have been watching The Great British Bake Off on Sunday evenings. I'm not sure which season we're on, but it's...

Simcha Fisher: Get your wedding de-planning services here

My daughter once worked at Michael's craft supply store. It wasn't a very challenging job, so she took it upon herself to add a...

Restoring hope in life long marriage

By Francine & Byron Pirola Life Long Marriage There’s a curious thing that happens when a divorce touches a community. Where once parents, friends and siblings believed...

A deep longing for God

Sr Kathleen Lee is a postulant at the Carmel of Goonellabah, a suburb of Lismore in north-eastern New South Wales. The community is dedicated...
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