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Tony Farley: Let’s love, not just live, in the moment

Our lives hang by a thread and at any moment life can end. As true as this might be, for most of us life will conclude slowly, predictably and some time in a future we call old age.

RCIA candidates declare their intent to become Catholic

If Christianity is supposed to be of less and less interest to modern people and less and less relevant to modern life, someone had...

Lay life in all its wonder

By David Harrison The Life Marriage and Family team facilitated local celebrations of the World Meeting of Families which included a self-directed pilgrimage where families...

Raising Fathers

https://youtu.be/e-nwwzjOPv0 Gone are the days of fathers being expected to “provide, protect and punish”. Today’s dads want more hands-on involvement with their kids, and that’s...

Sydney Centre for Evangelisation takes the faith online

A range of initiatives taking place across the Archdiocese of Sydney is aimed at helping Catholics rediscover their Christian discipleship.

Castle Hill’s Angels of Love

“When we first arrived, my wife and I spoke very little English,” Anh said. “Often Mr D’Arcy would come down to our flat in the...

Q&A with Fr John Flader: The child and the soul

“Dear Father, can you please tell me at what stage the soul enters the body of a foetus? My daughter has had several miscarriages...

This Catholic Life Podcast – Ep. 6: “Work-Life Balance”

Episode #6 - Work-Life Balance Hosts:  Peter Holmes & Renee Kohler Guest:  Cormac McCaughan Find It On iTunes - This Catholic Life Podcast In Today’s show, we discuss…. ...

Unplanned to screen here

People power has brought the screening of a popular US pro-life film to Australia. The production team behind Unplanned, which tells the true story of...

Call for renewed culture of marriage

Marriage preparation for couples should be just one step, beginning with “marital pre-evangelisation”.

Murray Norman: SRE is vital in our schools

A recently released report has broken new ground in finding that Special Religious Education in our schools provides a host of additional benefits, including...

Grateful for a fortunate life

When former deputy NSW Premier John Watkins says that he has enjoyed a fortunate life it isn’t a platitude. His gratitude for his family,...
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