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Tough year for ‘battle-weary’ Catholics

As Australia’s politicians prepared to close up shop, there were a number of developments of note to people of faith.

Monica Doumit: Baby Indi’s family ‘dragged through hell’ fighting for the...

Indi Gregory died last week, aged just eight-and-a-half months. She had mitochondrial disease, a deadly and fatal genetic condition.

Calvary Hospital launches legal action to stop forced acqusition

Calvary Healthcare has sought an injunction in the ACT Supreme Court to prevent the forced takeover of Calvary Public Hospital

Dr Kevin Donnelly: Cancel culture’s war on tolerance

In his Easter message His Grace Archbishop Fisher argued, “In many ways contemporary societies are deeply divided. Our politics are often polarised and social media vicious, the language is extreme, and it’s all or nothing.” With very few exceptions, sexuality is binary beyond a doubt, and God given.

National CEO: Calvary takeover a ‘religious vs secular argument’ on healthcare

Calvary National CEO Martin Bowles said that the ACT Government’s unilateral decision to take over the running of the Calvary Public Hospital comes amid a “difficult conversation” around religious versus secular delivery of health and aged care services

Archbishop Prowse, Catholic Health Australia ‘totally stunned and shocked’ by ACT...

“We are utterly astounded. There has been no formal contact with the Archdiocese, nor has any reason been given,” Archbishop Prowse said.

Updated: Calvary takeover ‘rammed’ through ACT legislative assembly

ACT Liberals call process 'undemocratic' after due process suspended by ACT Government, citing staff and patient welfare necessary to 'ram through' takeover in only three weeks

New research shows one in four Canadians want euthanasia for the...

Twenty per cent of all Canadians think euthanasia should always be allowed, regardless of who requests it, with over a quarter consenting to the expansion of the Canadian scheme to homeless people and those living in poverty.

Simcha Fisher: All of life is worth living

People assume that life is only worth living while we are hale and hearty. The final years of my father's life showed otherwise

Archbishop Fisher pays tribute to ‘gentle giant’ bioethicist Luke Gormally, who...

Archbishop Fisher said the former director of the Linacre Centre for Healthcare Ethics was a "gentle giant" who made an enormous contribution to life issues in the public square

George Weigel: High stakes in moral theology debates

As the estimable Larry Chapp recently put it on his blog, Gaudium et Spes 22, “the deepest, most important, most contentious, most divisive, and most destructive debates [after Vatican II] surrounded moral theology, especially after Humanae Vitae and the massive dissent from it that followed.”

Monica Doumit: The distraction that should be called a blessing

Sport is glamourised everywhere in the media. Yet serious questions continue to mount around professional sport’s values regarding life, children, marriage and family Do you...
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