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Weigel: The new ultramontanism and the dissing of Vatican II

Why are apologists for the new ultramontanism not more critical of the bludgeoning of a small number of liturgical traditionalists?

After Benedict’s funeral, publisher releases book by late pope’s secretary

Soon after Pope Benedict XVI was laid to rest in the crypt of St Peter's Basilica, an Italian publisher released early copies of a...

Cardinal Pell: we need more clarity on goals of synodality

The Cardinal spoke about synodality, China, Vatican finances and the Latin Mass in a wide-ranging interview with The Spectator

Traditionis Custodes: a church big enough for all of us

I love the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM), but not to the exclusion of all other masses. Because of this, I don’t like Traditionis Custodes. Thankfully in Australia our bishops — like most bishops worldwide — have applied it with common sense and have left most TLM communities alone. I think Pope Benedict’s solution was better […]

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Philippa Martyr: Don’t learn faith from the ignorant

I heard a sad story recently. A lovely young family lost some long-time friends, another married couple and kids, who started to attend a different Mass. Simply going to a different parish church doesn’t usually bust up a friendship like that. All that happened was that the friends began attending the traditional Latin Mass (TLM).

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Fr John Flader Q&A: Motu proprio a discipline

Can you tell me what the new regulations issued by Pope Francis for the celebration of the traditional Latin Mass will mean for those...

Fr John Flader: Can I attend the Latin Mass?

“Dear Father, I often attend a Latin Mass in the traditional rite with my family, and we find it very spiritual and helpful. I...

Australia’s bishops respond to Francis’s motu proprio on the Latin Mass

The arrival of Pope Francis’s motu proprio on the Latin Mass issued on 16 July has been greeted over this last week with some...

Philippa Martyr: So, what about the new Mass?

It looks like Pope Francis not only reads The Catholic Weekly, but reads my column. Just two weeks ago, I said that he was...

Sydney Archbishop permits Extraordinary Form Latin Mass, while seeking advice for...

Archbishop Fisher said he was granting the permission while he takes advice on both the motu proprio, Traditionis Custodes (Guardians of the Tradition) and the accompanying letter from Pope Francis.

Francis reimposes strict limits on what was once called the Extraordinary...

As diocesan bishops around the world woke on 17 July to find themselves considering how to implement Pope Francis’ motu proprio on the use...

Dr Philippa Martyr: The Novus Ordo was meant to be a...

There’s some concerns that Pope Francis might be planning to limit the use of the Vetus Ordo, or Extraordinary Form of the Mass (the...
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