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Rome undergoes construction ahead of Jubilee 2025

In preparation for the Jubilee year in 2025, Rome is undergoing some renovations and changes to ensure the best experience for all.

Discover the story behind Salvador Dali’s Jesus painting

Salvador Dali's "Christ of Saint John of the Cross" will be on display in Rome, together with the piece that inspired his artwork, a relic of St John of the Cross. 

Pope Francis shows his pastoral side with visits to parishes

Pope Francis made a getaway to the parish of St Bernadette Soubirous in the eastern outskirts of the city as he promotes the year of the Jubilee.

Pope Francis officially announces dates of Jubilee of 2025

Cardinals, bishops and pilgrims gathered in the Atrium of St Peter's Basilica to hear the long-awaited moment Pope Francis officially announced the Jubilee of 2025.

Maronite golden jubilee year was a “time of grace”

The Maronite Catholic Church in Australia concluded its 2023 golden jubilee year with its closing liturgy on 8 December at Our Lady of Lebanon...

Mark Shea: Sacramental time awaits

This can be a wonderful year, if we cooperate with grace When Jesus was beginning his ministry in Nazareth, he started by going into the...
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