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George Weigel: I rise in defence of the Council

Mr Adam Lucas, who is “newly married with a baby on the way” and “has a Master’s in Theology,” speaks for a depressing number...

Cardinals Pell, Krajewski reflect on Pope Benedict XVI’s legacy

By Paulina Guzik Two cardinals pleased to call Pope Benedict XVI a friend reflected on his death and what the pope emeritus brought to the...

The lasting legacy of Pope Benedict XVI

By Russell Shaw After spending more than 20 years as prefect of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith during the papacy of...

Joseph Ratzinger: a man of the Church

When I learned of the death of Pope Benedict XVI on the eve of the new year, I prayed in thanks for the life...

Pope Benedict: Eight years as pope capped long ministry as teacher...

Retired Pope Benedict XVI, who had an impressive record as a teacher and defender of the basics of Catholic faith, is likely to go...

New biography of Pope Benedict XVI reveals his life, personality and...

By Dr R. Jared Staudt This February will mark nine years since the historic renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI. Joseph Ratzinger would have gone down in history as a great theologian without his rise to the chair of St Peter, although through his papal ministry he became a teacher of the world. The power of […]

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Q@A with Ratzinger Prize winner Dr Tracey Rowland

My most important influence was my maternal grandmother, a ‘God, Queen and Country’ High Church Anglican

Peter McGregor: Prayerful and Eucharistic Plenary Council Paper

There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best of the six discernment papers

Anna Krohn: The last visit of the Ratzinger brothers

On 1 June the website of the Regensburg Diocese in Bavaria was marked by a simple black banner which read: “Georg Ratzinger ist heimgegangen”....

Retired pope visits sick brother Mons Georg

After speaking with Pope Francis, the Pope Emeritus has gone to Germany for the private visit.
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