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Silence on Sound of Freedom

Hollywood is refusing to acknowledge The Sound of Freedom despite it being arguably the most influential independent film of 2023.

Movie night raises funds to fight for freedom

It is estimated that between 70,000 to 120,000 children arrive unaccompanied onto train platforms across India every year. Many of these "runaway children," as they are known, have been separated from their parents ...

Fr Peter Kwak: The sound of freedom must ring in our...

Sound of Freedom is a movie based on a true story. Tim Ballard worked for the US government and was assigned to the special division which dealt with child abuse crimes.

A hard-hitting Sound of Freedom breaks the silence on child trafficking

When it comes to facing confronting issues at a global scale, it's easy for a sense of helplessness to develop into willful ignorance. No matter what facts we learn, we still feel that the big picture is out of reach, or a battle meant for someone else to fight, and we turn away.

Infidel Review: Agenda a bit too obvious

Though it claims to be based on true events, the political thriller Infidel might as well have a soundtrack of axes being ground. In dealing...
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