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Joseph Ratzinger, a heart of love and compassion

A chance meeting ... On 31 December, the Vatican announced the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who left a lasting legacy over the course...

Good and Faithful Servant Queen Elizabeth II

‘Her Majesty the Queen’. For all but a few septuagenarians, and those older still, this is the only monarchical phrase we have known. And...

Proposed WA law angers survivors

Minister is challenged over Seal of Confession legislation which would be a "catastrophe" for survivors.

James Parker: Corporate giants become the new Thought Police

Few people today recall the events of May 10, 1933 when German students publicly burnt books that they and leading Nazi party members associated...

James Parker: New threat to seal of confession

Spare some prayers for the confessional seal in Western Australia. WA’s Minister for Child Protection, Simone McGurk, recently announced a law to force Catholic and...

No Premier Andrews, you’re very wrong on gender therapy

I was taught as a child to be attentive to my neighbour’s decisions in case they threatened my own freedoms and integrity. So let’s...

Ignatius Principal’s remarks on sexuality are negligent

“What seems to me white, I will believe black if the hierarchical Church so defines.” This quotation from St Ignatius powerfully shaped my journey...
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