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Palestine and Israel peace talks remembered at Vatican

Remembering the call for peace in the Holy Land. Join us as we reflect on the prayer for peace between Palestine and Israel at the Vatican.

Vatican foreign minister affirms stance on two-state solution

The Vatican Foreign Minister pointed out that the events of recent months only reaffirm the Holy See's position on the two-state solution.

George Weigel: The re-emergence of the grave sin of Jew hatred

For Christians to engage in any form of antisemitism is to add further blows to the smitten back of Christ, says George Weigel.

Christians shelter in ‘Gaza Ark’ despite demands to evacuate

As the death toll in Gaza passes 8000 and Israeli forces enter a deadly “second stage” of their war with Hamas, the only Catholic church in Gaza is sheltering 700 Christian refugees despite daily demands from the Israeli military to evacuate.

As Holy Land war rages, Christians cry to God for help

Sydney’s Christian Palestinians are hurt, frustrated and afraid. The horrors in their homeland since the Hamas attacks on Israel on 7 October ruptured decades-old wounds that had hardly begun to heal.

Gaza pastor urged prayers for peace, the release of hostages and...

As the Israel-Hamas war nears its fourth week, the pastor of Gaza's only Catholic church urged prayers for peace, the release of hostages and delivery of humanitarian aid, telling OSV News his parishioners are experiencing "a terrible situation, a crazy situation."

Biden and Pope Francis discuss conflict in Israel and Gaza

President Joe Biden and Pope Francis spoke by phone Oct. 22 to discuss the conflict in Israel and Gaza and facilitating a path to "durable peace" in the region, according to the press offices of both leaders.

Pope calls for world day of prayer for peace as catastrophe...

Warning against a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza and ongoing conflicts elsewhere, Pope Francis has called for a day of fasting, penance and prayer for peace in the world 27 October.

Pilgrims’ ‘Biblical’ flight from war

An Australian pilgrimage group that managed to escape the Holy Land as conflict broke out has likened their experience to St Joseph’s flight into Egypt with the child Jesus.

Holy Land disaster hits home for Mago

Mago Shaheen has been crying for days. Though safe in her home in south-west Sydney, the 59-year-old mother of three thinks constantly of her family and friends who are suddenly homeless and fearful, their lives ripped apart by the violence of war.

St Mary’s Cathedral to offer Masses on 17 October for peace...

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP has encouraged Sydney Catholics to pray for peace at St Mary's Cathedral or in their home parishes

Palestinian Christians plead for peace

Australia’s Palestinian Christian community is pleading for an end to fresh violence in the Holy Land, which has left at least 1500 dead and 6000 injured.
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