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Friday, June 14, 2024
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Schools lead the way on St Pat’s

Holy Cross Woollahra and St Brigid’s Coogee marched to celebrate their Irish roots and connection to the saint, while Bishop Terence Brady presided at the annual archdiocesan Mass to honour St Patrick’s enduring legacy

Irish voters resoundingly reject proposals to redefine family, undermine motherhood

Despite opinion polls showing a clear majority in favour of widening the definition of the family to include other "durable relationships" 67.7 per cent of citizens voted no

Sydney turns green for St Patrick’s Day

Students from Catholic schools across Sydney have been urged to draw inspiration from the 5th century St Patrick who showed extraordinary resilience in the face of similar challenges our world is facing today such as war, forced migration, trafficking, prejudice and discrimination.

St Patrick’s message of hope rings clear

St Patrick brought love, compassion to people living in dark times, said priest at Mass.
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