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George Weigel: Save the Synod from its working document!

The first words of the Second Vatican Council’s Dogmatic Constitution on the Church—one of the council’s two most important texts—signaled a decisive development in Catholic self-understanding.

George Weigel: A laborious, and vacuous, instrument

It would not be quite accurate to describe the Working Document for the October 2023 Synod (its Instrumentum Laboris, or IL) as “disappointing.” No one who has followed the “synodal process” underway since 2021 could reasonably have expected an IL of spiritual depth and evangelical passion.

Matt Tan: The face we must behold

This is the final instalment of my three-part series focusing on the Theological Reflection of the Plenary Council’s Instrumentum Laboris, with a special focus...

Matt Tan: The face of Christ and the new Gnosticism

The Pope identified where an old heresy emerges today This is part two of my focus on the Theological Reflection of the Instrumentum Laboris, with...

Philippa Martyr: Putting trust in a limited oil supply can’t ever...

So far, the Instrumentum Laboris has shown us what the Church in Australia is like now, and an image of what it could be....

Philippa Martyr: A Plenary priority to foster the need to grow...

Change through a personal encounter with Christ Remarkably, the new Instrumentum Laboris is the most honest Church document I’ve ever seen produced in Australia. So...

Dr Philippa Martyr: Well done on the Instrumentum

Some highlights of the plenary council working document The Instrumentum Laboris has been released to guide the next stage of the Plenary Council Process. I’ve...

Plenary Instrumentum Laboris: blissful ignorance is no excuse

The impending Plenary Council will take place more than a half century since Vatican II

Philippa Martyr: A road map for the future

What I would like to see the Instrumentum Laboris for the Plenary do is: Focus on the practicing Catholics first. We are realistically a Church...

Plenary ‘map’ is well in hand, says President

The Instrumentum Laboris (rough translation: the work tool) is not an indicator of what the conclusions of the Plenary will be.
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