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Q and A with Fr Flader: Conditions for indulgences

For many years I have been saying the “prayer before a crucifix” to gain a plenary indulgence, observing the usual conditions, but someone recently told me that this indulgence is no longer recognised by the church. Is this true?  

Vatican extends traditional All Souls Day Indulgences

With the COVID-19 pandemic still underway and with restrictions on gatherings still in place in some countries, the Vatican has again extended the period...

Vatican extends time to obtain full indulgence for Purgatory’s souls

Typically, only a partial indulgence is granted after the first week of November

What is a plenary indulgence?

By God's grace, participation in a prayer or action that has an indulgence attached to it brings about the necessary restoration and reparation without the suffering that would normally accompany it.

Vatican grants indulgence for Coronavirus patients, those who pray for them

The decree granted a plenary or full indulgence to all Catholics in the hospital or under quarantine because they have tested positive for COVID-19
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