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Benjamin Conolly: My Voice front-row seat showed me why Australia voted...

I turn 30 later this year. I am told that’s a big deal, but I am not sure why—most of the country has already done it.11

Craig Arthur: Indigenous Australians’ resilience humbles us all

Following the Voice to Parliament referendum, we find ourselves in a moment of solemn reflection. We contemplate the deep historical significance of the path our nation has chosen, a path too familiar to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Avoid temptations of triumphalism or defeatism after referendum: Archbishop Fisher

My sincere hope is that the defeat of this particular proposal ... is not understood as a rejection of the ongoing process of reconciliation," Archbishop Fisher said

A defeat for the Voice is not a ‘victory’ conservatives could...

Although the official voice campaign has only been underway for eight weeks, it has in some respects been running since Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced that he would implement the Uluru Statement from the Heart in full.

Archdiocese of Sydney launches Reconciliation Action Plan

The Archdiocese of Sydney launched its "reflect" Reconciliation Action Plan on 31 May alongside a new commissioned artwork

Robbie Lloyd: The Reconciliation Action Plan is the beginning of our...

The launch of the RAP is the beginning of a process of truth-telling and reparation, as well as an acknowledgment of the church's positive contributions

To understand why we need a Voice, listen to the elders’...

Australians are yearning for a deeper relationship with Indigenous people. Let's start by listening and showing reverence for the Spirit of Place

Getting the Voice model right is part of our Catholic responsibility...

Catholicism is a both/and religion: we should support the moral case for the Voice, and make sure the Constitutional drafting is done well

Fr Frank Brennan SJ: How to vote on the Voice

What are Catholics to think about the proposed referendum on the Voice to Parliament? During the first year of his pontificate, Pope Francis in...

Invitation to live together

Dr Miriam Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann is a remarkable figure. Speaking in Sydney recently, she urged fellow Catholics to learn about Indigenous peoples and begin the...

Euthanasia is “whitefella law”: Dodson

Labor Senator and former Catholic priest Pat Dodson will no longer oppose the introduction of euthanasia to the Territories, telling the Senate that he...

We’ve all got to be in this

Uluru Statement needs universal support, says Indigenous leader The Uluru Statement from the Heart is a chance to implement Catholic social teaching, and shouldn’t be...
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