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The third great crisis of the church: “What is man?”

Cambridge historian Richard Rex has provocatively proposed that Catholicism today is embroiled in the third great crisis of its bimillennial history. The first crisis was the fierce, Church-dividing debate over “What is God?” That question was definitively answered by the First Council of Nicaea I (325 A.D.) and the Council of Chalcedon (451).

Monica Doumit: Sacrificing children to gender ideology’s brutal god

Pseudoscience begins to unravel: Westmead doctors raise major doubts on Trans procedures for kids “There are none so blind as those who will not see,”...

When education morphs into propaganda

The influence of toxic identity politics means that young people can be subjected to propaganda rather than provided with education, said leading education experts...

Humanities ‘rife with identity politics’ says IPA report

Liberal arts education offered by Campion “is even more precious than ever”

Anthony Cleary: The Lost Art of Civil Disagreement.

Sadly, there is little tolerance for divergent views. Instead, there is an aggressive push for cultural conformity

What the left can learn from Pope Francis

The contemporary left lacks a distinctive conception of the good life
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