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Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Deep cuts to ACU humanities to stem growth of $30m deficit

Significant staff cuts to the humanities at the Australian Catholic University have been roundly criticised by academics, who have raised questions over the university’s...

When education morphs into propaganda

The influence of toxic identity politics means that young people can be subjected to propaganda rather than provided with education, said leading education experts...

Andrew West: Leave Humanities to the pseuds … count the cost

I present a modest little program on ABC Radio National about faith in public life. We do something rather unique, covering the places where politics...

Avant-Garde Exam in Liberal Arts for NSW Catholic Schools

Studies in Catholic Thought engages students in the theological, philosophical, ethical and aesthetic traditions of the Catholic Church

Campion Professor: Eradication of Humanities ‘at our peril’

 to achieve a peaceful, just democracy, the virtues must be upheld and protected

Outsmarting the PC ideologues at Australian universities

You’re in your final year of secondary school and excitedly examining your options for university courses next year. You have a passion for English...
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