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Vatican says abortion, surrogacy, war, poverty are attacks on human dignity

Being a Christian means defending human dignity and that includes opposing abortion, the death penalty, gender transition surgery, war, sexual abuse and human trafficking, the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith said in a new document, Dignitas Infinita (Infinite Dignity).

Proper use of AI requires the human heart, says Pope

While artificial intelligence can be a formidable tool, it cannot provide the uniquely human wisdom needed to promote the good of people.

Brigid Meney: Euthanasia vs the Good Samaritan

Voluntary Assisted Dying Laws commence operation on 28 November, making interventions designed to end a life, legal in New South Wales.

Xavier Rynne II: Letters from the Synod 2023, #10

In this absurdly busy, confused, and grasping world theater of conflicting messages on the meaning of life, and amidst direct affronts to the dignity of life and women, God is with us.

Monica Doumit: Greenwich ‘equality’ Bill could make religious teaching on gender...

Should consistently refusing to use a person’s preferred name and pronouns in the hope that they will not persist with their transgender identity put...

New book highlights Australian Catholics whose visions informed collective action

The Catholic community in Australia has had its share of sinners and shameful moments but these don’t detract from its heroes and heroines, who helped to shape the country as we know it today, says Sydney’s Professor James Franklin.

Q and A with Fr John Flader: Composting human remains

Dear Father, I recently read that in the US they are converting human remains into compost. I was astonished and want to ask whether...

Hong Kong: Wiping Out Both Memory and Speech

Individual and collective memory is an essential - though notoriously unstable - human element. For those who have lived and suffered under injustice and totalitarianism...

Losing respect for humans

I had occasion recently to sign my own “do not resuscitate” directive before surgery.
All very standard, I was assured. A friendly member of the hospital staff thrust it my way, told me what it was and I signed it without reading any of it. (Who reads anything in an emergency room before the anesthesia kicks in?)

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Benjamin Conolly: The lies sold to kids about sexual ’empowerment’

On Sunday 14 March the annual Grammy awards were held in the US. Nothing more than a prideful chance for the rich and famous...

Breakthrough disability housing makes life much better for sisters

Melissa and Carmel Robinson are not only sisters but best friends but now housemates.

Simcha Fisher: When fighting a war, don’t destroy what you’re defending

How to stay human when the whole world seems at odds Long before election day, I gave up trying to change anybody's mind about politics....
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