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Philippa Martyr: Hope’s easy when you think about it

If hope is the best cure for hanging on to the church by your fingernails, then how can you help it to grow? Start by asking God for it. Hope is one of the three theological virtues. The other two are faith and charity, or love. Asking God for one of these usually brings the other two along for the ride (think of it as a spiritual group discount).

Philippa Martyr: Without hope, Catholic frazzle comes for us all

Are you hanging on to the church by your fingernails? You can tell me to buzz off, but I’m genuinely interested. I know a lot of Catholics who have slid over the years from solid fervour into a state of daily Catholic frazzle. Admittedly, a lot has gone on. The ongoing clergy sexual abuse issue has hurt many Catholics. The Royal Commission was hard work. The trial of Cardinal George Pell was hard work.

Defiant Hope

Advent is a season of anticipation. The birth of any child, not least the Messiah, gives us cause for hope. Earlier this week, we heard...

Something astonishing is happening in Oatlands tragedy

Each night I read a bit from the Gospels to my young sons. One thing that strikes me is how Jesus’ preaching was often...

A mission of mercy to forgotten men

A group of young Catholic men are seeking to bring hope to other men who have been broken by life.
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