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Prayers rise for peace in Holy Land as conflict worsens

Sydney’s Catholics answered Pope Francis’s call for a special day of fasting and prayer for peace on 27 October as death and destruction continued to rage in the Holy Land.

God kept our pilgrims safe during attack

On the eve of his first pilgrimage to the Holy Land, a worried 42-year-old Matt Leslie said a quiet prayer to the Lord. “I asked him to keep me and my wife in his care. And that night, I felt the Lord speak to my heart, promising to keep us safe.”

Gaza pastor urged prayers for peace, the release of hostages and...

As the Israel-Hamas war nears its fourth week, the pastor of Gaza's only Catholic church urged prayers for peace, the release of hostages and delivery of humanitarian aid, telling OSV News his parishioners are experiencing "a terrible situation, a crazy situation."

Pilgrims’ ‘Biblical’ flight from war

An Australian pilgrimage group that managed to escape the Holy Land as conflict broke out has likened their experience to St Joseph’s flight into Egypt with the child Jesus.

Holy Land disaster hits home for Mago

Mago Shaheen has been crying for days. Though safe in her home in south-west Sydney, the 59-year-old mother of three thinks constantly of her family and friends who are suddenly homeless and fearful, their lives ripped apart by the violence of war.

St Mary’s Cathedral to offer Masses on 17 October for peace...

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP has encouraged Sydney Catholics to pray for peace at St Mary's Cathedral or in their home parishes

Q and A with Fr John Flader: The Basilica of the...

Dear Father John Flader, I understand that the Basilica of the Nativity of Christ in Bethlehem is one of the churches ordered to be built by St Helena in the Holy Land. What can you tell me about it?

Anthony Cleary: Pilgrimage is a journey of discovery

In recent weeks, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP has led a group of Catholic school leaders on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Italy. Social media posts have pointed to the significance of the experience, with many describing it as life-changing.

Greek Archbishop attacked during Lenten services at Tomb of the Virgin...

The Greek Orthodox Church has denounced an attack on its clergy amidst a rise in violence in the Holy Land this Lent

The Four Senses of Scripture: The Literal Sense

Part 1 of a special series on the Four Senses of Scripture Have you ever noticed that you can do something without realising you are...

Australian nuncio picked for Holy Land post

Pope Francis has appointed Archbishop Adolfo Yllana as the apostolic nuncio to Israel and Cyprus.

Pope appeals for peace in Holy Land

The death of children in the conflict is "unacceptable" The injury and death of so many innocent people, especially children, caused by escalating violence between...
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