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Mario Bros. is the greatest Catholic animated franchise ever

Two Italian plumbers must intervene to stop a great serpentine beast from capturing the princess. Don't tell me Mario Bros. isn't Catholic!

Monica Doumit: On the shoulders of giants

Just before Easter, I received a letter in the mail. The writer was Denis Strangman, an 80-year-old man living in a retirement village in the ACT. I had never met Denis in person, but I recognised his name from an email he had sent me about the exclusion laws around abortion clinics back in 2017. I also knew him to be a strong advocate against euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Sherry Weddell speaks on the Spirit in Sydney

At baptism every Christian is given their own charisms by God to help them live out their mission in the world, but most Catholics don’t know what a charism is, much less how to discern what theirs is and use it, says Sherry Weddell. The author, co-founder and executive director of the US-based Catherine of Siena Institute is dedicated to helping people explore the power of the Holy Spirit working in their lives and renewing the church for mission.

Fr Josh Miechels: The maternal heart of the church

How does my mum know, without me telling her, when I need new socks and boxers? There are many mysteries of the universe: for...

Philippa Martyr: Without hope, Catholic frazzle comes for us all

Are you hanging on to the church by your fingernails? You can tell me to buzz off, but I’m genuinely interested. I know a lot of Catholics who have slid over the years from solid fervour into a state of daily Catholic frazzle. Admittedly, a lot has gone on. The ongoing clergy sexual abuse issue has hurt many Catholics. The Royal Commission was hard work. The trial of Cardinal George Pell was hard work.

‘Tweeting with God’ priest answers the tough questions

Does the Big Bang theory rule out faith in God? Was Jesus a vegan? What’s wrong with birth control? Why should I believe in God? These are questions young people are asking all over the world and they deserve answers that will help them understand the Catholic faith and respond to God’s invitation to them, says Dutch priest Fr Michael Remery.

Bishop Richard Umbers: Let’s bring back processions

Earlier this year, Dr Tom Elich, editor of Liturgy News, asked how we might rehabilitate the tradition of processions in the life of the church in Australia. This followed upon his observation that we readily take to the streets to make a point, singing and marching with placards and banners.

Q and A with Fr Flader: Is it OK to pray...

Dear Father, Some people in my parish pray the Our Father in Mass with their arms outstretched, like the priest, and I find this strange. Is it permitted? And how about holding hands with the persons on either side while saying the Our Father?

Simcha Fisher: Microdosing catechism

My mother was an organised woman who dedicated one or two days a week to catechism. My approach is... different

Monica Doumit: Calvary takeover reveals political endgame

“We need to do another Goulburn school strike. If we shut the schools like they did back then, the government would have to listen to us on religious freedom.” “We need to do another Goulburn school strike. If we shut the schools like they did back then, the government would have to listen to us on religious freedom.”

Good habits grow in Tassie

Br Francisco Maria DeBrito OSB described as “surreal and unforgettable” the experience of taking his final vows as a Benedictine monk with the community of Notre Dame Priory in Colebrook on 1 May, the Feast of St Joseph the Worker.

Sydney Catholics honour Our Lady with prayer and procession

In her message to three Portuguese shepherd children on 13 July 1917, Our Lady asked them to “pray the rosary every day in honour of Our Lady of the rosary, in order to obtain peace for the world.”
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