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Former High Court Justice Michael Kirby endorses new edition of book...

Kirby's endorsement of a new updated edition of Gerard Henderson's book on the Cardinal Pell affair calls it an "important contribution"

Catholic Weekly Brennan article on Pell affair wins media award

The Catholic Weekly’s special 8-page feature on the acquittal of Cardinal George Pell, ‘Anatomy of a Travesty,’ has won the Australian Catholic Press Association’s...

“Cardinal Pell’s case could happen to anyone” says Quadrant Editor

Within the ideological imperatives that prevail today, any one of us could become a George Pell

Exposing the truth in the persecution of Cardinal Pell

The atmosphere in Australia toward Cardinal Pell prior to and during his persecution was sufficiently toxic for any injection of foreign funds to facilitate a prosecution

Monica Doumit: True import of the Pell case

High Court decision was vital to more than one person In light of the quashing of the conviction of Cardinal George Pell by a unanimous...

Cardinal Pell and the Victorian criminal justice system

Cardinal George Pell has been acquitted of all charges of child sexual abuse by Australia’s highest court - the High Court of Australia. In...

How Australia’s legal system retained its integrity in the Pell case

When it mattered, they served the nation mightily.

The tortured road of the falsely accused

After Cardinal Pell's release, we are left pondering the dark roads he walked and the evil which surrounded him

Cardinal’s critics still having a hard time with the truth

Many of those now so vocal in their condemnation of the High Court last year eagerly celebrated our legal system when it produced a result more suited to their anti-Christian, ideological convictions

UPDATE: Cardinal Pell set free by High Court

Cardinal George Pell says he holds no ill will towards his accuser, thanks supporters.

Archbishop welcomes court decision

Archbishop Fisher also acknowledged the Cardinal Pell news may reopen wounds of abuse survivors.

Time and timing crucial to Cardinal Pell appeal

The DPP also changed the prosecution’s earlier assertion that the offending occurred in the priests’ sacristy in the five or six minutes immediately after Mass.
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