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Q and A with Fr John Flader: The resurrected body

When our body is reunited with the soul at the end of the world, do we know anything about what it will be like?

Is Heaven a place?

Where is heaven? If there are bodies in heaven, then surely they must be somewhere in space? Is that the case?

Q and A with Fr John Flader: Sadness for the damned

Dear Fr John Flader, I have always wondered whether the saints in heaven feel any sadness or pity for the souls in hell. Can you help me?  

Q and A with Fr Flader: Are all saved?

Someone recently mentioned a book by David Bentley Hart which argues that there is no one in hell and all are saved. The book you...

Dying to live: the evidence for life after death

Human beings ask questions of ultimate significance such as why do they exist. We see this, for example. in young children where they intuitively...

Melto D’Moronoyo: The Pattern of Heaven on Earth

By Fr Yuhanna Azize God created the world, and His creation bears the trace of His work (Psalm 19:1). Syriac and Maronite spirituality looks on the...

Not dead but alive: All Souls and All Saints

The Catholic Church is far bigger than people realise, because two-thirds of it is invisible to us.

Walking with all heaven’s saints

Parishioners of one Sydney parish took their faith, and four popular saints, to the streets.
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