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Notre Dame wins uni debating cup

University debating isn’t usually a matter of life or death, but for the finalists of this year’s Archbishop’s Debating Cup the stakes were very real when they took to the podium to argue whether Catholics should get out of healthcare rather than comply with NSW’s looming euthanasia scheme.

National CEO: Calvary takeover a ‘religious vs secular argument’ on healthcare

Calvary National CEO Martin Bowles said that the ACT Government’s unilateral decision to take over the running of the Calvary Public Hospital comes amid a “difficult conversation” around religious versus secular delivery of health and aged care services

Catholic parents and agencies welcome vapes crackdown

Changes announced by the federal health minister Mark Butler on 2 May have been praised for tackling the access and uptake of vaping by young people head-on.

Pope addresses supporters from hospital

Hundreds gathered at Rome's Gemelli hospital to greet Pope Francis in his first public appearance following surgery.

The ethical dangers and opportunities in COVID-19 decision-making

In either case, who should decide? On what basis? These are vexed and very difficult ethical issues.

Priests on the coronavirus frontline

Sydney priests are prepared to be busier than ever providing spiritual and practical care.

Ethics for Australian healthcare in the midst of a pandemic

There are some wonderful resources we can draw upon in this difficult time. Here are two, one recent (from Pope Francis, yesterday), the other...

Philippa Martyr: Finance as a force for renewal?

It's time for the Church to examine our relationship with government money One of the most interesting comments I’ve received about possible ways to strengthen...
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