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Xavier Rynne II: Letters from the Synod 2023, Special Edition 3

Holiness is that which is essentially divine, categorically unlike any quality, even the loveliest, extant in creation.

Getting to the Gospel’s core

New book sets out the story of God and His people in what’s known as ‘Minimal English’, using a new approach to language to restate eternal truths for an increasingly digital generation.

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Mark Shea: The Named and Unnamed in the Gospels

This is part three of a series about names in Scripture Last time we looked at how the gospels use names as a way of...

Mark Shea: Names in the Gospels

Last time in this space we looked at the spiritual meaning of names in Scripture.  But there is another aspect to names, particularly in...

Fr John Flader Q&A: Discrepancies in the Gospels?

“Dear Father, In reading the Gospels I come across different accounts of the same event, and sometimes there are discrepancies between them. Can we...

The Four Senses of Scripture: The Literal Sense

Part 1 of a special series on the Four Senses of Scripture Have you ever noticed that you can do something without realising you are...

Mark Shea: Blessed are the Peacemakers and the Persecuted

Part 4 of Mark’s series exploring the Beatitudes One of the little oddities of Scripture is that the traditional reading of it tends to smooth...

Mark Shea: Blessed are the hungry, the merciful, and the pure

Part 3 of Mark’s series exploring the Beatitudes We continue our look at the Beatitudes in Matthew 5 by again noticing both their similarities and...

Mark Shea: Blessed are the poor, mourning and meek

Part 2 of Mark's series exploring the Beatitudes One of the first things to note about the Beatitudes is that there are two sets of...

Simcha Fisher: Not like one of these

It's easy to bravely face something you don't have to face Hello, I am 45 years old. I hurt my ankle three months ago, and...
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