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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Mothers: Called to be holy, not perfect

Motherhood is a prophetic, creative and highly influential role. Young women should not be afraid to approach it with joy, writes Carrie McCormack.

Christians must radiate the Gospel, not point fingers, pope says

Christians should not use the Gospel to accuse others or speak ill of their brothers and sisters, but draw people to its message by exemplifying it in their lives, Pope Francis said.

Simcha Fisher: In some ways the world is getting kinder

As I was writing this essay, I got a call from a blind man named Henry. He needed help finding the front door of...

Melto D’Moronoyo: Saving blindness, blessed sight

By Deacon Ron Hassarati We have reached the Healing of the Blind Man which, in the Maronite Liturgical tradition, is the last Sunday before Hosanna...

Nigel Zimmermann: Stagnation and death in the Church

The crisis is real and requires prudent responses Previously I wrote about the need to start our response to the Plenary Council by focusing on...

Pope Francis tells elderly “You are needed”

In a message for the World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly, Pope promotes memory, prayer.

Mark Shea: The Power of the Gospel

Last time, in this space, we talked about having confidence in the gospel.  It’s a difficult thing to do, as the apostles had to...

Church must help counter resistance to vaccines, health care expert 

Vatican launches new resource kit for leaders, families.

Mark Shea: Introduction to the Beatitudes

Matthew is a very subtle writer.  A lot of people are not aware of the clever structure of his gospel. Matthew is writing as a...

Daniel Ang: Opportunities amid the crisis

Pandemic hit the Church but also spurred new initiatives More than one year since the global pandemic took hold it is clear that the disruption...

Fr Josh Miechels: Closer to Christ in life, closer to Christ...

Today the Lord gives a few important life tips. The first thing he says is that you’re all gonna die. That’s what happens to...

Fr Josh Miechels: Don’t forget a few key essentials

So how’s your week going? A bit up and down? As usual, that fits today’s readings, where the Lord gives us some gentle reminders...
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