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NSW Govt ‘tone deaf’ on gender in wake of Cass report

The Cass Report on gender-affirming care in the UK’s NHS is as significant to the dangers of promoting gender-affirmative treatment in kids as the 1964 Surgeon-General report was to the link between smoking and lung cancer. So why is the NSW government preparing to open a new gender clinic, writes Monica Doumit

Why won’t the AMA follow the evidence on gender-affirming care?

The AMA does itself a disservice by ignoring the growing body of evidence that gender-affirming care has no therapeutic benefit, writes Monica Doumit

WHO is really developing guidelines for transgender health?

One of the subtle tricks used for parliamentary inquiries on contentious issues is to hold public consultations over December and January.

Monica Doumit: Blackmail: activists’ preferred tool

The targetting of children and the suborning of parents are essential to success of radical gender ideologues and their totalitarian mentality “School told my son...

New translations of the Lectionary

“Dear Father, I read with interest your article about gender ideology applied to language. Here in Ireland the Church has decided to use the Revised New Jerusalem Bible for the lectionary, citing its use of inclusive language. In that Bible I don’t like the absence of pronouns and the use of the passive voice to […]

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A crucified God is our future

In February 1968, Cardinal Karol Wojtyła wrote to Father Henri de Lubac, SJ, about a project in which the cardinal was engaged: a philosophical...

Philippa Martyr: Sex refers to Christ and His Church

This is a remarkable little book, and I have to admit that this is the first full length book by Christopher West I’ve ever...

Q&A with Fr John Flader: The gender contradiction

“Dear Father, I have seen several references to a recent Vatican document on gender theory but don’t know anything about it. Can you help...

Bishops back gender clarity call

Catholic bishops have welcomed the Vatican’s recent statement that gender is fixed from birth.
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