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Nation-first study shows young women bearing the brunt of gender wars

The study on sexual and gender identity in Australia has found that 17.7 per cent of youth identify with a “diverse” sexual identity.

‘Equality’ bill puts religious freedom under threat in NSW in 2024

Religious freedom is back on the agenda in 2024, with debate rapidly approaching on the “Equality” bill introduced by the independent member for the...

Monica Doumit: A gender inquiry now might prevent a Royal Commission...

I am certain that in my lifetime, we will see a royal commission into the use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones on children.

Monica Doumit: NSW Government delays conversion practices bill, but don’t rest...

Last week, the NSW Government announced that it would not table its bill to ban conversion practices before the end of the year.

Monica Doumit: Has gender ideology’s turning point been reached at last?

The UK’s National Health Service closure of the Tavistock Clinic and the exclusion of puberty blockers in future clinics is a hopeful sign for...

Pope calls for a new sexual revolution

Humanity needs a “new revolution” in how it thinks about sex, Pope Francis has said in two recent addresses, adding that “gender ideology” is a form of ideological colonisation that seeks to “cancel differences.”

Youth gender reforms for NSW

The NSW Office of the Advocate for Children and Young People (ACYP) has recommended all-gender bathrooms for NSW schools and has implied that anti-discrimination...

The cost of chucking out God

The Sexual Revolution of the 60s was, in its essence, a revolution against the reality of who we are In the space of a generation,...

New translations of the Lectionary

“Dear Father, I read with interest your article about gender ideology applied to language. Here in Ireland the Church has decided to use the Revised New Jerusalem Bible for the lectionary, citing its use of inclusive language. In that Bible I don’t like the absence of pronouns and the use of the passive voice to […]

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Don’t put off gender neutral debate, German bishop urges

Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer criticised the Synodal Path for postponing a debate on gender-neutral language.

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Parents’ and children’s rights must come first in the classroom

A parent from a Parramatta Catholic school shares his misgivings over his diocese's stance on a proposed change to NSW education law As a parent...

Monica Doumit: Using children as pawns

Radical gender ideology seems increasingly pervasive It was reported last week that a childcare centre in Warriewood West on Sydney's northern beaches had announced to...
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