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From penpals to faithful friends

A world apart, Maria Monro and Jean D’Souza have celebrated 60 years of friendship since becoming pen pals through The Catholic Weekly.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP: True love and friendship

This is the edited text of the Catechesis given by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP on ‘Social Friendship’ at World Youth Day 2023 Lisbon, on...

Melto D’Moronoyo: How friends bring us to Jesus

By Joseph Wehbe Do you find it difficult to come to Jesus on your own, especially when things aren’t going the way you want them...

Gender Differences: Boy Friendships: Girl Friendships

By Katie Gamboa In friendships, boys stand shoulder to shoulder looking at something. Whatever that “thing” is–a sport, a game, a topic–is central to the...

Paul Catalanotto: Loss of friendship

Are we keeping ourselves at arms' distance? A while back, I grabbed a burger with a friend who managed to convince the waitress to give...

Anthony Cleary: The Lost Art of Civil Disagreement.

Sadly, there is little tolerance for divergent views. Instead, there is an aggressive push for cultural conformity

Friendships that bridge the years

Hannah Topp is living every uni students “dream”. She pays no rent, never has to worry about noisy flatmates or waking up to somebody having...

Vanier a ‘witness to the Gospel’

A new film about Jean Vanier and the community he founded plumbs extraordinary depths of friendship.
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