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Friday, May 31, 2024
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The latest “Folau moment” shows what’s needed from a real discrimination...

NSW Swifts netball star Samantha Wallace-Joseph had a “Folau moment” this week after objecting to President Joe Biden declaring Easter Sunday to be Transgender Day of Visibility and quickly issued an apology. If the government’s proposed new religious discrimination bill won’t protect the likes of Wallace-Joseph, Monica Doumit asks if there is any point to them at all?

Anthony Cleary: Our free speech comes with responsibilities

Living in a Western democracy generally assures citizens a range of rights and personal freedoms. With these, of course, come clear responsibilities. A right that...

Kevin Donnelly: Double standards of wokeness gone mad

Trigger warning: the following contains words and descriptions that will offend people of colour, feminists and other assorted Woke victims of western supremacy and...

Bid to protect freedom against unfair claims

Proposed changes to NSW anti-discrimination laws could be brought to Parliament as early as June.

Kevin Donnelly: Free speech is essential

Banning debate creates a dictatorship Swamped as it has been by the daily news of stories like the coronavirus it’s understandable why so little attention...

Monica Doumit: Greens: say one thing, do another

The movie, The American President, is one of my all-time favourites. In one scene, the fictional President Andrew Shepherd says that if you really...

ACU backs free speech code

The country's largest Catholic university has thrown its support behind French recommendations.
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