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Fr John Flader: Where was Emmaus?

At present the location of the Emmaus of Luke's Gospel remains a matter of conjecture, although some sites are more probable than others.

Q and A with Fr John Flader: Pentecost, the great feast...

The first mention of Pentecost as a Christian feast was made in the 3rd Century by the theologians Origen and Tertullian. Fr John Flader explains how Pentecost developed from its origins in the Jewish Festival of Weeks

Q&A with Fr Flader: Is the Vatican going to revisit the...

A prominent Cardinal recently seemed to raise the question of whether John Paul II's teaching on women priests was infallible. Was it?

Fr Flader Q&A: Christ’s death, our Redemption

“Dear Father, why did Christ choose to die on the cross in order to redeem us? Couldn’t he have redeemed us in some other...

Fr John Flader Q&A: The Assumption of Mary

Dear Father, I have a Protestant friend who thinks we Catholics are foolish for believing in the bodily Assumption of Our Lady into heaven...

Fr John Flader Q&A: Care in Mass

“Dear Father, In my travels I have attended Mass in many parishes and have seen it celebrated in very different ways, in some places...

Fr Flader Q&A: Apparitions in Ukraine

“Dear Father, with the present war going on in Ukraine, I was happy to hear from a friend that Our Lady has appeared several times in that country. If this is true, can you tell me when she appeared and what, if any, were her messages?

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