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Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP’s 2024 Easter Message

'The scandal of the cross is not only the death of the man-God, but also His willingness to forgive. A willingness that we are called to imitate.'

Philippa Martyr: Going to Confession before Christmas

Last year in Advent I decided to issue a rousing pastoral letter calling the faithful to repentance. I’m going to do it again this year.

Melto D’Moronoyo: No matter the sin, you matter to God

We just have to accept that God does not see things the same way we do. The Scriptures constantly show that God loves the repentant sinner.

Philippa Martyr: Eight reasons for frequent confession

A reader wrote to ask Dr Philippa Martyr why she always encourages people to go to confession. As a lifelong "fan" of this sacrament, here's eight reasons to go more often

Forgiveness opened my lips: Leila Abdallah

Leila Abdallah says that forgiveness led God to open her lips, leading to a steady stream of speaking requests she now sees as part...

Melto D’Moronoyo: The prodigal son is a model for each Christian’s...

The parable of the prodigal son is one that has been a constant in my life since I was a child. It was simple...

The Art of Apology

By Francine & Byron Pirola Have you ever experienced the situation when someone has apologised but, while the words were said it lacked something, making...

Three Ways to a Resilient Marriage

By Francine and Byron Pirola We’ve been hearing from many of our SmartLoving leaders around the world looking for help in supporting couples under stress....

i4Give inspires faith

Maronite Bishop Antoine Tarabay has praised the Abdallah and Sakr families for bringing many Christians back to the practice of their faith through their powerful public witness of their religion following the tragic deaths of their four children two years ago.

Get involved in i4give

Sydney couple Danny and Leila Abdallah are hoping to inspire people of faith across Australia through a dedicated community event, i4give Week (1-7 February), drawing upon their powerful witness to the love of Christ in forgiving a drunk and drugged diver who killed their children nearly two years ago.

‘God is my rock’ says Leila as the Abdallah family share...

Everyone cried with us, now share in our joy, says Danny In a moment of joy shared by people around the country and the world,...

How to Forgive More Easily

By Francine Pirola We remember those long nights in the first year of our marriage. In the infancy of his career, Byron was often late...
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