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Are private wedding vows a good idea, or not?

A new trend for “private vows” at weddings is taking off for people wanting a more intimate ceremony. Understanding why we make vows can help us understand why they’re not necessarily the way to go for Catholics, write Francine and Byron Pirola

Take care of the Holy Name, the rest will follow

It seems like such a “little thing” to revere the Holy Name of Jesus. But life is about getting the little things in order. So treat the Lord’s name carefully, writes Simcha Fisher.

The passion, death, and resurrection of marriage

No marriage stays the same—we all go through periods of passion, death, resurrection and recreation. It’s not easy, but there are three things we can do to stay on track as our marriages transform, write Francine and Byron Pirola.

Irish voters resoundingly reject proposals to redefine family, undermine motherhood

Despite opinion polls showing a clear majority in favour of widening the definition of the family to include other "durable relationships" 67.7 per cent of citizens voted no

Travelling Mary statue visits Sydney families for more than 60 years

A statue of Mary has helped families to pray together for more than 60 years, with Our Lady often making a visit when she's most needed

Jordan’s just of one of many graced by Sisters’ legacy

New mum Corinne Tait welcomed her child Jordan Joseph Brian Tait, one of the first babies to be born in 2024.

Francine and Byron Pirola: True confessions of an Advent failure

Advent is full of opportunities for spiritual nourishment. There’s community celebrations, family gatherings and beautiful church services.

Cash-strapped Christmas cheer

With her team of Santa’s helpers, the leader of a Society of a St Vincent de Paul support created Sydney’s biggest Christmas cave

Patrick O’Shea: Gifts to grow faith without breaking the bank

It’s that time of the year again when we’re called to prepare our gifts for our loved ones for the celebration of Christmas.

Francine and Byron Pirola: Vulnerability’s risky, but criticism kills

We’ve all experienced the negative impact of criticism, especially from loved ones. Sadly, it’s been present in our marriage and family far too often.

Anthony Cleary: We need to free our kids from this ‘porndemic’

Although we live in an unprecedented information age, we are often blissfully unaware of matters that would ordinarily shock us. More often than not, it...

Tony Farley: Let’s love, not just live, in the moment

Our lives hang by a thread and at any moment life can end. As true as this might be, for most of us life will conclude slowly, predictably and some time in a future we call old age.
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